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Destination Marketing Partnerships

The Destination Marketing partnerships are for businesses who want to join forces and get proactively involved in a range of regional marketing initiatives to increase visitor numbers to Marlborough.

Active participation in the Destination Marketing partnerships provides individual businesses with a platform to leverage off the regional promotion and a cost effective way to extend the reach of their own marketing program. The funds from this partnership go directly into marketing initiatives utilising the resources, channels and contacts of Destination Marlborough.

Targeting customers through the travel trade is particularly challenging and expensive for individual businesses. Working together at a regional level is a great way to send a compelling message to travel sellers that Marlborough is worth including in their clients' itineraries.

Destination Marlborough offers four levels of partnership focused on different market priorities and levels of participation; Trade Marketing Team, Marlborough Convention Bureau, Food & Beverage Marketing Collective & Direct to Consumer.


Marlborough Marketing Group Partnerships run over a calendar year.

TRADE MARKETING TEAM (TMT): is structured specifically for businesses who are activity specifically for businesses who are actively engaged in contractual agreements with the international travel trade ( inbound operators, wholesalers and retail travel agents) or businesses looking to establish this sales channel.

MARLBOROUGH CONVENTION BUREAU: The Marlborough Convention Bureau (MCB) has been established to promote Marlborough as a domestic and international conference and incentive destination.

FOOD & BEVERAGE MARKETING COLLECTIVE - Consumers of food & beverages from Marlborough are often the same people who want to - or do - visit the region. The collective provides an opportunity for food and beverage producers to work closer with Destination Marlborough - and with each other - to leverage the Marlborough brand through collective marketing activities.

DIRECT TO CONSUMER GROUP - This new initiative enables individual businesses, marketing collectives, organisations and events throughout the region collaborate and participate in " Marlborough Inc " tactical marketing initiatives co-ordinated by Destination Marlborough.

We invite you to talk with the Destination Marlborough marketing team to assess which level is right and most valuable for you and your business.