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June 11th

Small Business Training offer from ATTTO

Are you spending all day, every day, working in your business?

Would you like to be able to take some time off and know that your business is being left in good hands?

With the right training for your best asset this can be achieved.

Who is it for?

The National Certificate in Tourism Business Practice develops key people in tourism businesses to be able to manage the day to day operational requirements..

So you can take a break, confident that you are leaving the business with someone who has the skills and knowledge to keep it humming.

Most businesses have an ambitious employee who has potential to run the business but perhaps lacks some operational knowledge. This programme is great for that employee and for tourism operators of all sizes.

Shane Cameron, Operations Manager from Off Road New Zealand recently enrolled one of his team on the Tourism Business Practice qualification.

"This course is ideal for us as it provides leadership and mentoring skills for those who haven't had this before. Having someone with more knowledge of how the business works has enabled me to focus more on strategic needs and how to grow the business more," says Shane.

What is it about?

The learning complements the unique workplace circumstances of tourism businesses. Subjects covered include employment relations, communications, business systems and processes, technology and teamwork. As the training occurs whilst they are working you don't loose any time with them going off site and they earn a nationally recognised qualification.

Tourism Business Practice comes with a programme overview, learning resources and a comprehensive trainee guide.

All qualifications are done while you work, with a high level of support from the ATTTO customer support team. Start planning your next holiday and call ATTTO to get more information.

ATTTO- Who are we?

Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO) works with industry to provide the skills and training needed to ensure tourism businesses stay competitive and grow. To find out more please visit our website.

Contact Matthew and take advantage of your downtime.

Matthew Davies, ATTTO Business Development Advisor, 04 8159833, 0274885623, Matthew.davies@attto.org.nz, www.attto.org.nz

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